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it 's so hot - eSession<br>- roma & calvin 1
it ‘s so hot – eSession– roma & calvin
June 14, 2007
wedding of irene & kenneth 2
wedding of irene & kenneth
June 29, 2007

I felt very guilty of not updating my blog as frequently as my friends and clients expect. I met penny and her friend Ida last night and they said that they clicked into my blog EVERYDAY and they are very excited to see any of my new works … … I felt very sorry after hearing that.

Since I returned from Bali, I was very busy doing all the retouch work. I supposed to finish retouch of 4 weddings before I went to Bali, but I couldn’t make it, so I need to make sure I can complete them in last two weeks. That’s why I didn’t update the blog at all in last two weeks.

I need to write this blog today as my current price list has already been expired on May 31, and I am revising it. Hopefully, a new price list will be released next week. There will be a 20% increase of my rate in the new price list. If any of you had received my quotation in last two weeks, and you planned to hire me as your wedding photographer, I can still honor the old price until next Wednesday (4 July). After that, all booking will be charged at the new rate.

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