Upgrade to Treo 650

Upgrade to Treo 650 2
Eve and Jon
March 19, 2006
Upgrade to Treo 650 3
Irene & Stanley @ Banyan Tree Phuket, Laguna Resort
March 29, 2006

My new PDA phoneI have been using my Sony TH55 PDA more than two years. I loved this PDA very much as it features a very large screen 320 x 480 and it ‘s one of the biggest screen a PDA had two years ago. I have been thinking of using a PDA phone long time a ago, but the price is too high for me (usually over HK$4000)

Recently, the price of Treo 650 (from Palm) has gone down to just over HK$3,000 and I finally get one last week.

After just one week’s use, I love this PDA phone so much, the PDA and phone function are very well integrated and it is so easy sending SMS using the build-in keyboard.

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