Irene & Stanley @ Banyan Tree Phuket, Laguna Resort

Upgrade to Treo 650 2
Upgrade to Treo 650
March 24, 2006
A bride I love so much !! - Kitty & Charles 3
A bride I love so much !! – Kitty & Charles
April 3, 2006

I am about to go to Phuket tomorrow to take the wedding photos of Irene & Stanley, there will be around 100 guests in the party.  I have pressure on this assignment as Irene is the kind of bride who knows exactly what she wants. Story will be updated when I am back … …

A romantic moment

Story update (April 23):

Today I met Irene again and presented the photos to her. I am so pleased that she loves the photos very much. As Irene works as a designer, she designed everything of the wedding by herself – from decoration, flowers, monogram, gifts to color scheme, and she even did the make-up herself !! So you know she has a very high expectation of her wedding photos.

During the wedding, I had a very special feeling. There ‘s so much love & care between Irene , Stanley and their family and friends, they love each other very much. In the reception, when their friends gave speech one by one, I could always see tears in their eyes.

I feel so blessed to be the photographer of this wedding.

To see more photos, please click the link below.

Irene & Stanley under the sunset, before the welcome party
Romantic Sunset

Their welcome party, it is held along the beach
Welcome party

The blue color of the pool made this shot so unique
Wedding Gown

Irene ‘s wedding gown.
Wedding Gown

Irene & her wedding gown
Irene & her gown

Irene is a super bride, she can even do the make-up herself
Make up

What a gorgeous bride !!
Ear Ring

The ceremony

The reception. The whole decoraton was designed by Irene herself !!

Firework celebration


  1. Kelvin Leung says:

    I am glad to be your assistant in this wedding.

  2. Kelvin Leung says:

    I am glad to be your assistant in this wedding.

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