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Jeffrey is on "財經透視" tonight 2
Jeffrey is on “財經透視” tonight
July 17, 2006
Go to hiking in Yushan<br>(Jade Mountain 玉山) in Taiwan 3
Go to hiking in Yushan(Jade Mountain 玉山) in Taiwan
July 22, 2006

Just added a RSS feed of the Wedpix Magazine into my blog.

Wedpix Magazine - everything about<br>Wedding Photojournalism 5Wedpix is an on line Magazine of Wedding Photography published by WPJA and it is all about wedding photojournalism.

The content is very useful and much much better than those "bullshits" in the local wedding magazine , don’t miss it if you like the style of wedding photojournalism and ‘d like to understand more.

The recent article "Is Wedding Photojournalism a Fad?" is very interesting. It talks about the difference between trendy wedding photos & "real" wedding photojournalism.

Click here to go to my RSS feed of Wedpix magazine

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