Jeffrey is on “財經透視” tonight

engagement photo - Michelle & Tom 2
engagement photo – Michelle & Tom
July 12, 2006
Wedpix Magazine - everything about<br>Wedding Photojournalism 3
Wedpix Magazine – everything aboutWedding Photojournalism
July 17, 2006

I watched "財經透視" on TVB tonight and I was very surprised to see Jeffrey is being interviewed in the program. The program talked about the business opportunities of running club / bar inside commercial building. Jeffrey ‘s interviewed because he ‘s the director of Census Group which runs several clubs/bar in CWB. You can watched it online again if you ‘re subscriber of NOW TV.

Look at the "gallery" of my main site (, you can find that Jeffrey and Rebecca ‘re one of my client in 2005. Their wedding was so beautiful and unique, the most impressive part was they built a real "???" in their banquet at Four Seasons Hotel.

They ‘re also interviewed by "All About Wedding" magazine after the wedding, to read the interview and find out why they had the idea of having  "???" as the theme, you can click the following link for details.

interview by all about wedding

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