engagement photo – Michelle & Tom

Which photo do you like most? 2
Which photo do you like most?
July 8, 2006
Jeffrey is on "財經透視" tonight 3
Jeffrey is on “財經透視” tonight
July 17, 2006

Michelle & Tom ‘re going to marry on Sept 30 at St. Margaret’s Church and Four Seasons Hotel. I took the engagement photos for them on Monday. We had heavy rain in the morning, in fact, on arrival at Nam Sang Wai, we had to wait inside the car for 20 minutes before we could take picture. Having said that, they are great couple !! Both of them ‘re so relaxed in front of the camera and Michelle ‘s so elegant throughout the day.

I always like to take this kind of relaxed portrait
— you can always see the real expression from the wedding couple

engagement photo - Michelle & Tom

Getting Ready – I like this big mirror in Michelle ‘s bedroom – Makeup Artist is Gary Chung
Getting Ready - Michelle

Michelle & Tom always brought the wedding dresses with them when they ‘re traveling and took wedding pictures in different parts of the world, the pictures ‘re shown behind Michelle
engagement photos -- Michelle & Tom

Nam Sang Wai
Nam Sang Wai - Wedding Photo

What did Tom say to make Michelle smile?
Relaxed Wedding Portrait

Nice moment
Natural Wedding Portrait

It ‘s so elegant of Michelle
Wedding photo - Michelle & Tom

Nam Sang Wai is very famous of the river. The image reflected on the river ‘s so clear when there is no wind
Nam Sang Wai - Wedding Photo


After two hours at Nam Sang Wai, we went to Shek O for the 2nd half of the photos session.

Nice color of the sea
Wedding Photo - Shek O

This interesting picture was taken when we took a rest in front of a restaurant
So natural

Look at the window !! The “double happiness” character !!
Double Happiness Windows

I asked Michelle & Tom to just relax & enjoy on the beach, then left them alone.
Just waited behind them for this beautiful moment to happen
Wedding photo on the beach

A quiet corner of a beach cafe
Romantic Moment ... ...

Perfect lighting, quiet location and romantic moment … …
engagement photo in the city

After a full day ‘s photo taking, we had our dinner at “Dai Pai Dong” in Central. Nice place. Of course, I didn’t miss this opportunity to take some special portraits of them. A very interesting experience !!
Our dinner !!!


  1. Minna Chiu says:

    Mate, the two of you are gorgeous!

  2. Minna Chiu says:

    Mate, the two of you are gorgeous!