Go to hiking in Yushan
(Jade Mountain 玉山) in Taiwan

Wedpix Magazine - everything about<br>Wedding Photojournalism 2
Wedpix Magazine – everything aboutWedding Photojournalism
July 17, 2006
Relaxed portrait for Success Magazine <br>-- Rita 3
Relaxed portrait for Success Magazine — Rita
July 29, 2006


  I am going to Yushan tomorrow morning for a hiking holiday. During the holiday, I have limited access to email and mobile. I ‘ll be back on 27 July (Thu).

This is my first time to have hiking in Taiwan and our team ‘ll try to reach the top of the mountain (at 3,952m) on 25 July morning. Hope that we can make it.

More update will be provided when I am back.

(Updated on 23 July) It is really bad. A typhoon is coming to Taiwan, we are still staying in Taipei and wait for our team leader ‘s instruction. If the typhoon is strong, we have no choice to cancel it , otherwise, it is too dangerous for us to stay in the mountain. We ‘ll wait until Monday (24 July) morning.

(Updated on 12 Aug)

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  Finally, got some time to update … … I was very disappointed.It was really bad, the typhoon arrived at the same time and same place we plan to reach the top of the mountain on 25 July. We had no choice to cancel the trip to Yushan, otherwise, we may be trapped inside the mountain. Eat & Eat & Eat again

So what did we do for the rest of the trip? It became a trip of EATING in Taipei … …

This is a picture of Yushan on a book cover … … 

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