When your client loves your work

Family photo session... ... 2
Family photo session… …
June 15, 2006
My photos in Island Reunion & Mauritius 3
My photos in Island Reunion & Mauritius
June 17, 2006

I am writing this blog in a café. I met Fiona today to present the finished photos to her. When she browsed through the pictures, she started to cry when she saw those photos in which Robert was giving his speech.

When clients love my work and the pictures recall their memories, this is the kind of job satisfaction that I couldn’t get in my previous job. I believe I made the right decision to become a photographer in the middle of my life. It is not just money, it is about helping people to crystallize their good memories.

I am already looking forward to James ‘ barmitzvah in March 2008 !!!

Robert ‘s giving his speech and Fiona started to cry that night.
Fiona crying

There is so much love … …
Fiona loves Robert so much

Steven holding Fiona ‘s hands
holding hands

Fiona prepared a "dessert room" for all the guests, it ‘s full of chocolate !!!
Chocolate Room

Fiona said her whole family is addicted to Chocolate. You can tell from this picture, can’t you?

Let’s dance, everyone !!
Let's dance

I love this picture a lot. It is full of motion .. …

James and Robert
James and Robert

Everyone is having fun !!!
Wow !!

Fiona and Steven
Fiona and Steven

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