Happy Birthday to Xandra !!!

Won in the [AG]WPJA April contest!!! 2
Won in the [AG]WPJA April contest!!!
May 17, 2006
Barmitzvah - Robert Walton 3
Barmitzvah – Robert Walton
May 22, 2006

Yesterday is the birthday of Xandra and we spent a day in Ocean Park. This is the 4th birthday since we got married in 2003.

Happy Birthday !!!
Happy birthday to Xandra

Of course, we couldn’t miss the Sea Jelly. The exhibition area ‘s smaller than I expected, but the Sea Jellies ‘re truly beautiful. They ‘re lighted by different color of light and the color changed frequently.

Jelly Fish

Xandra and I met several little girls in the Park, they ‘re all very lovely. Of course, I couldn’t stop taking photos with them.

This two girls, we played with them when we ‘re queuing at the Sea Jelly Spectacular
My encounter in Ocean Park - 1

This little girl just sit behind us when we played the "Mine Train"
My encounter with a girl - 2


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