Oversea Wedding – special feature by
All about Wedding Magazine

Wedding of Yan & Ferrari 2
Wedding of Yan & Ferrari
October 9, 2006
wedding of Winnie & Stanley 3
wedding of Winnie & Stanley
October 15, 2006

In the new release of "All about Wedding" Magazine (issue 008 – Autumn 2006), there is a special feature about overseas wedding. One of my client ‘s wedding is featured – Irene & Stanley. Their wedding was held at Banyan Tree in Phuket and I liked this place a lot as the environment makes everyone so relax and friendly in front of the camera.

Having said that, it is a challenge for a wedding photographer to take wedding photos oversea, as
i) you have to face a new location,
ii) schedule is always very tight – it is not uncommon that you have to start taking pics once you ‘re landed
iii) and you may not be able to take an assistant with you (luckily, my assistant could come with me for Irene ‘s wedding)

There are other photographers featured in this issue as well.

Phuket: Simon from SimonThePhoto
Macau: Norm Yip from studio 8
Shangri-La County: Ringo from Glamour Production
Canada: Tony from Tony Photography
Paris: Ben Li from Kings Production
Las Vagas: Ming from Ming Photography

If you are interested in overseas wedding, don’t miss this issue.

You can click the following image to see my coverage in this issue

 oversee wedding

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