A funny prewedding with ice-cream and basketball …… sandy.ben

A funny prewedding with ice-cream and basketball …… sandy.ben 2
wedding of San and Charles in Bordeaux France
September 7, 2018
A funny prewedding with ice-cream and basketball …… sandy.ben 3
Whenever you ‘re close to me, you`re like the sun … … emily.george
January 9, 2019
We have finally appear on simon blog!! Yeah~~(yell like crazy) i guess we have been scanning this blog for more than 100 times since we have engaged last year, and we know you will understand how we feel when going thru this blog, the pictures are stunning, impressive and spectacular!!Right?? ... ... Sandy and Ben

(guest post from sandy and ben)

The photo shooting was done in two different days, the first day was taken at our Yuen Long club house’s greenland and we were delighted to see how Simon uses his “helicopter”, it was flying very high with great stability !! After we spend half days at our the greenland, we headed to Tai Tam and Stanley that afternoon and took a few shots。 Fortunately, the weather was not too hot and we have some shots taken where we were buying ice cream from the ice cream vehicle. (Which we think its quite funny)

The second day was taken at Simon’s studio, its our honor to have our pre-wedding pictures taken at his studio. We have so much fun there, and taken many crazy good looking pictures we couldn’t even imagine. (I guess this is the first time where he try out to shoot like that)

After all, we have to Thank Simon and his Crew for spending 2 full hard working days with us and It was just phenomenal in capturing one of our greatest moments in our life which we will never forget!!!

(message from simon)

it ‘s fun taking photo for sandy and ben. I always have some new photo ideas in my mind that I love to try, however, because of the limit of time, it is difficult to try sometimes. Luckily sandy and ben had booked me for a two-days pre-wedding session so that we had more time to try new ideas during the shooting, especially on the 2nd day.

A funny prewedding with ice-cream and basketball …… sandy.ben 5

an idea that I loved to shoot for a long time.
However, it was much more difficult than I thought, thanks sandy and ben for working with me.

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