kristy and martin

it 's a beautiful day ... ... wedding video of vanessa and jacky 1
it ‘s a beautiful day … … wedding video of vanessa and jacky
July 25, 2011
love is everywhere peggy.raymond 2
love is everywhere peggy.raymond
August 23, 2011
it 's a beautiful day ... ... wedding video of vanessa and jacky 4
it ‘s a beautiful day … … wedding video of vanessa and jacky
July 25, 2011
love is everywhere peggy.raymond 5
love is everywhere peggy.raymond
August 23, 2011

while some photographers say  there is no good place for photo shooting in Hong Kong, I think I am lucky as my clients keep on giving me surprises by presenting new and nice locations to me. Thanks Martin for introducing and bringing me to this very nice place — lily and bloom – a very nice bar and restaurant at the LKF tower . As I seldom go out for dinner (I am a family man :-)), this is my 1st time to be there. At the very first second I stepped into this place, Wow!!!! what a beautiful place !!!

locations: home, lily and bloom in central, stanley market, stanley military cemetery, 1881 heritage in TST

my fav of the day, and it ‘s one of the most challenging.
the view here was so nice that I chose to use a wide angle lens to capture the view, at the same time, I still tried  to make sure that kristy was the focus of the photo – we could still see her beautiful smile, sexy pose and nice details of her dress.

in terms of lighting, it was quite challenging here. There ‘re three sides of windows, the middle and the right windows ‘re facing outside of the building so  it was illuminated by available light, while the left side windows ‘re facing the interior of the club with no light at all. I had put two flashes behind the left windows to give them some light. color of the flashes for kristy and for the windows ‘re carefully chosen that all windows light turned out blue in this photo and it matched the color of the dress perfectly


stop one: we started the shooting at home in the morning, all photos are taken by available light only.


I find it difficult to include pets in wedding photos, especially doggies that keep on running and running around.

a corner at house with wonderful light.

2nd stop: lily and bloom – all photos ‘re taken with flash light


another fav of the day



hahaha, one martin and three kristy



thanks canly for helping to make this great photo!!!!

third stop: stanley market and military cemetery



the military cemetery is my fav spot for sunset light photo


last stop: 1881 heritage at TST. 



  1. Cc says:

    AWESOME!!! i love that sunset pic at the military cemetery!!!

  2. Anderson says:

    lily and bloom is really a nice place and the photos you took there were perfect!!!! I love this set of photos so much…~~~

  3. Phoebe says:

    i love this session a lot….simon u did it again *thumbs up*

  4. Etsally says:

    simon 你的照片總是令人回味不已,不知道何時才有開課。

  5. Jessicacollina says:

    Can u give me price list?

  6. JackJack says:

    Really awesome!
    I heard about this Lily & Boom at LKF tower too! should encourage clients to go there in future 😉