ken.shirley.karl and simon.xandra.shulin.shuyan 1
ken.shirley.karl and simon.xandra.shulin.shuyan
January 28, 2011
gisa and chris 2
gisa and chris
February 7, 2011
ken.shirley.karl and simon.xandra.shulin.shuyan 3
ken.shirley.karl and simon.xandra.shulin.shuyan
January 28, 2011
gisa and chris 4
gisa and chris
February 7, 2011

a very interesting and challenging photo session … ….

first, when I  arrived at the inspiration lake in the morning (phoebe and julian ‘re still on their way to the park),it was so surprising that the place was already packed with lots of students. Looked like the day was a picnic day for lots of schools and the park was very  popular for school picnic. Within two seconds I uploaded the  photos below to my facebook page, phoebe already left message to me and asked if we need to switch location. you can imagine how difficult to find a quiet place that day … … But I always tell my client that location is not important for me, and I am always looking for color, abstract pattern instead of wide angle landscape in my photos, then, let ‘s give it a try

second, when they arrive, the 1st thing that julian told me was “No need to take photo of him”. don’t get me wrong, Julian was a very nice person, but he just really not enjoying any wedding photos at all. hahaha, it may be a big challenge for lots of photographers, but not a big problem for me, as I am always a woman/bride photographer, LOL … …

the day went very well finally, as the park ‘s very big, we could still manage to find places for photo shooting, and it’s not bad, it forced me to look for alternatives and explore new photo spots.

Julian is much better than what he told me, and phoebe has a very cheerful personality that it’s really a joy taking photo of them. anyway, I will be shooting their wedding at bali later this year, so looking forward to it !!!!!!

location: inspiration lake at disneyland, wetland park, kam tin, central
make up artist: lesley ho from texure workshop

1st locaton: inspiration lake
photos from my mobile … … OMG … …
so crowded at inspiration lake

found a quiet spot for this photo. not too bad, isn’t it?

in fact, we had very beautiful sun light through out the whole day.





our 2nd location: wetland park, photos from my mobile and lots of students again  @_@
lots of students again at wetland park !!!



our 3rd location: kam tin, it is my 2nd time taking photo there, really love this location.






there is a very interesting tree house


one of my fav.
love the way all the branches lead your eyes to phoebe and a very unique way to show the dress.
also special thank to phoebe for doing this as she has height phobia @_@

last location: central
Julian saw this photo on my blog before and he really likes it.  this is his only request of  taking  a similar one for him.

thank you and see you two later


  1. Phoebe =) says:

    OMGGGGGG simon….thx so much for doing this… i can hardly recognize ourselves lol…. u r right….no matter where the locations r…. u can ALWAYS make such sweet wonderful moments out of it….U R THE BEST!!! ^____^

  2. Emmy_chan says:

    Your photos are beautiful as usual and always full of surprise, Simon! I have so much to learn from you!

  3. Janice Ho says:

    Phoebe you look absolutely beautiful! and Ju…you did well too! hahaha
    Can’t wait to see more of the pictures!!! Love you both Xoxoxox

  4. Cc says:

    WOW this session is really really nice and special! simon, i think u outdid yourself again!!!

  5. May & Danny says:

    So beautiful. Make me wanna take another set of pre- wedding photo!! Love the ones with the tree branches.

  6. lawrence tsang says:


  7. Lesley Ho Make-up says:

    hey simon! your pictures are awesome. It was my pleasure to work with you. Hope will meet you in Stanley again someday 😉 btw, please contact me anytime if you need me. My contact is

  8. Robin Ng says:

    you make HK look so beautiful….next time i go HK will look for u for the nice location ya.

  9. Fu says:

    i can’t believe these are shot in hong kong!!! fabulous!!^^

  10. Ghie777ca says:

    all of your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! You’ve got such a stunning beauty… very sophisticated!
    Luv it! Luv it! Luv it!!