something famililar and something new, dorothy and edwin

the works behind a photo 2
the works behind a photo
June 1, 2010
a special request part ii cordelia and fred married 3
a special request part ii cordelia and fred married
June 15, 2010

something familiar, shooting at the bel-air club house again. been there so many times in mar and april, but still love this location a lot.

things I love:

  • nothing happier than shooting in a well decorated club house, with lots of window light and  air conditioned (especially during the current hot season)
  • no interruption, once you booked the location, the staff there are very friendly, and we ‘re free to walk around to shoot (of course, don’t interrupt others at the same time)
  • very nice restaurant !!!! thanks for the food !!!!

something new, dorothy arranged to shoot inside the pawn in wan chai. Honestly, since I have my daughter born, I seldom went out for dinner any more, so haven’t been to lots of new dining places in last few years. I have been to the pawn once, but it was very crowded, and I got no time to walk around to explore this location. Dorothy booked the place from 3:00pm to 5:00pm this time, so the location was very quiet and relaxing this time.

things I love:

  • lots and lots of interesting place: we got balcony, dining location, beautiful stair case, and the roof  (at where we could view the busy wai chai below)
  • again, staff  very friendly

thing I don’t like : No time to really enjoy the food :-p, may try to go there again.

locations: club house of bel-air, the pawn wanchai, central (night)
make up artist: polly of faces hk

1st location: bel-air club house.
The staircase is one of the feature of the club house. one of my fav photo of the day – lots of elements in one photo – very strong architecture lines, beautiful pose, and a surprising flower girl which give life to the whole pic.


2nd location: the pawn, wan chai. there is a open roof at where we can view the whole busy wanchai,  very nice.

other nice photos at the staircase





an interesting corner at the roof of the pawn

love this shot a lot !!!!

the balcony.


change back to wedding gown at night. always love my client wearing wedding gown at night.


  1. Eva Wong says:

    Very pretty Dor Dor !!!!

  2. Eva Wong says:

    Very pretty Dor Dor !!!!

  3. Paul Milaire says:

    Wow great photo!

  4. Paul Milaire says:

    Wow great photo!

  5. that's a fantastic shot.

  6. that's a fantastic shot.

  7. that's a fantastic

  8. Eva Wong says:

    Very pretty Dor Do

  9. Kingdom says:

    Is it any people can also book bel-air club house for shooting?

  10. they only accept booking from residents.