a lucky day for simon, jasmine and johnson 2
a lucky day for simon, jasmine and johnson
July 14, 2010
it is summer of love - mr and miss bunny 3
it is summer of love – mr and miss bunny
July 29, 2010

I was very worried a few days before the wedding of becky and ray last Friday. As you remembered, we had the 1st typhoon this year, and the weather forecast was very bad .... ..... rain with thunderstorm !!!!!!!!

And it was even worse that the wedding started at park island -- a place where we could only go by either bus or ferry, no taxi, no private car. Just imagine how bad it can be with thunderstorm when we are getting off the bus with all the equipments and bags we have.

just giving you an idea of the things we (Canly and I) bring on a wedding day

So what happened finally? The wedding was full of blessing !!!!! Yes, we did have thunderstorm, but only when we 're indoor, during the ceremony, inside hotel or on shuttle bus. Whenever we 're outdoor at park island, at bethanie chapel , at park view hotel, the weather was so good and sunny !!!!!

Even though I prepared umbrella, rain coat, rain cover for my bags, we didn't need to open them at all !!!

ceremony: bethanie chapel
reception: parkview hotel
makeup artist: rainbow (tel: 92586602)

Here is the same day photo slideshow.  the song is changed for web display purpose.


  1. 果真係個好日子!!冇落雨不特止, 仲唔似得早幾日咁熱添喎~! ^^

  2. 果真係個好日子!!冇落雨不特止, 仲唔似得早幾日咁熱添喎~! ^^

  3. Emmy says:

    超鍾意呢輯相呀Simon!!!! 感覺好warm~

  4. 果真係個好日子!!冇落雨不特止, 仲唔似得早幾日咁熱添

  5. Emmy, 超鍾意你個 message 啊!

  6. Anderson says:

    very nice photos!! nice weather and pretty bride~

  7. Thomas says:

    Really good, a fruitful presentation ^^

  8. thank you, thomas.

  9. johnny says:

    Hey Simon it's johnny and amy (20081228) , you still havent send us the photo book! pls reply asap.

  10. Yam Candy says:

    你好呀,想請教一下你係用咩lighting equipment架?金貝?profoto acute b 600,定profoto acute 2 1200?

    • Hi Candy,

      I only use small flashes (like canon 580, 550e) in all of my jobs. there is no need to use big studio light, unless you want to overpower the sun (which I seldom do in all of my jobs).

      As I start, I suggest people to invest the money in light modifier (eg, umbrella, softbox, gel, grid, gobo …..), they are more important than the light itself.

      The key to successful lighting is — learning to modify the light, it ‘s not getting the biggest power of the light you can buy.

      hope it helps.