Wedding in the love of God-
Ta & Just

Love in Shek O -<br>wedding of Ingrid & Jackie 2
Love in Shek O –wedding of Ingrid & Jackie
November 17, 2006
engagement - Emily & Paul 3
engagement – Emily & Paul
November 22, 2006

Ta & Jus is a special couple. I felt so lovely just by listening to their talking when I was in their limo. They talked liked two lovely children & the limo was filled with their love.

This was a special pic. We just finished the celebration party at their home church ( Just Church) & still had two hr before going to the banquet. Then I had a crazy idea to ask them to dance & thought they ‘re going to reject me. It was a big surprise that they liked my idea and it was perfect that Jus ‘ s sister could play piano for them. This is how this pic happened … …
dance in church

Another pair of nice wedding shoes from my client
wedding shoes

When the groom met the bride.
when the groom meets the bride

so beautiful !!!
nice veil

the ceremony at union church
union chunch

it was not difficult to catch this moment as Just always looked at Ta during the ceremony.
the moment

husband & wife
husband & wife

location shooting after the ceremony at Union church
location shooting at union church

It was so lovely of them. I asked them to throw the bouquet … so they followed my instruction, but didn’t catch it back and let it drop to the ground … … "Hey Simon, you didin’t ask me to catch it back !!", said Ta.
So what happened finally — — the bouquet broke into several pieces … …

Last picture at Union church. Hi Hi, we have to go to the party !!!
nice window light

After the ceremony, they had a celebration party at their home church "Just Church"
celetration part at Just Church

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