wedding of christina & alan

Wedding of Rose & Fergus 2
Wedding of Rose & Fergus
May 10, 2007
wedding of iris & ming 3
wedding of iris & ming
May 27, 2007

I absolutely love shooting Christina & Alan ‘s wedding on Feb 11 at the Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC).

I love this shot. We did this shot very fast. Here was a bar just opposite to the ball room, but didn’t belong to their banquet and it ‘s still open to other guests. I found the light very good here, so I asked the staff of the bar if I could take a few photos here for two minutes. So we need to do everything quick. I used a video light for lighting instead of flash. We could use flash to do similar light, but it might take longer time to setup. The color of the video light also matched the available light very well
christina & alan

the wedding shoes. the background was the carpet of the hotel room. Always look for something interesting for background
the wedding shoes

the bouquet
the bouquet

the bridal pickup session
bridal pickup

the groomsman
the groomsman

this shot was taken below the apartment of Alan ‘s family. I found the pattern of the ground very interesting, so when they left for AMC, I didn’t follow them and wait inside the apartment until this moment happened
Alan 's family


location shooting at AMC
Aberdeen Marina Club

there ‘re a lot of nice locations inside AMC
nice background

the ballroom
the ball room

congratulations !!!
congratulations !!!

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