wedding of joanna and gordon

stella and alex <br>e-session 2
stella and alex e-session
October 4, 2007
A HK interior photographer 3
A HK interior photographer
October 17, 2007

I have been looking forward to wedding of Joanna and Gordon for a very very long time. I had shot their engagement photos and Ken helped them to put up a pre-wedding video. It seems that it was a long time since I first met them. Their engagement photos are one of my favorite set !!

We had a blast on their wedding day, everything was perfect.

Their love story is amazing, don’t miss and take a time to read this. I learned one more thing on their wedding day — the reason they choose Hotel Conrad for their reception — it is the place at where the first time Gordon dated Joanna to attend a seminar. Wonderful !!!

date: 23 sept 2007
ceremony: St. Margaret ‘s Church
reception: Conrad Hotel

My fav photo of the day. This was taken just after the ceremony. There was a shower and we had to stop taking the group photo outside church. Just after Joanna got on the car, I noticed the raindrops on the windows, the reflection of Gordon, and the way Joanna looking at Gordon — all worked together very well
fav photo of the day

the wedding shoes
the wedding shoes

Getting ready shot
getting ready shot

Gordon had a final check on the decoration of the car

Gordon and the groomsmen ‘re having a small “meeting” before having the bridal pickup games
gordon and the groomsmen

Amazing details of Joanna ‘s dress. The bridesmaids are helping to fix the train
amazing details of the dress

Stunning !!!
stunning !!

We had lunch at the LRC, there was a staircase with wonderful light
a shot at LRC

reception at Hotel Conrad Hong Kong
march in

the toast
the toast !!!

first dance
first dance

Congratulations !!!
congratulations !!



  1. CMLeung says:

    The photos are gorgeous!!!

  2. CMLeung says:

    The photos are gorgeous!!!

  3. thanks CM.

  4. Simon says:

    thanks CM.