romance in rain, queenie and sidney

A very special day for queenie and sydney. it ‘s also special for simon as well.

just the day before the shooting, the weather forecast was bad, thunderstorm was expected. I thought the session would be postponed, but out of my expectation, queenie told me they would keep going no matter what.

So what happened? The very second we got on the 7-seater van, it started pouring, and it ‘s so bad that we couldn’t even get off the van any more. six persons in car, we kept discussing where we could go. They liked going to the peak, but I said there ‘s no way I could take photo at the peak under the thunderstorm. Then Gracy suggested the Central pier, at least, we could hide under the pier ceiling … .. That ‘s how we started the day …. ….

finally, I learned that the day was their [……]

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it is raining again jojo and alfred


this is another challenging photo session

everything was in a rush this time, when jojo and afred confirmed their booking, it was only three months left before their wedding day in early July next month. And we just did the engagment shoot last month. As we didn’t have much time left, we couldn’t postpone the shooting even though the weather forecast was very very bad (with thunderstorm ).

It was good that it didn’t rain at all when we started soho central in the morning. Our original 2nd location was Shek O. When we arrived, the weather was still looking good. However, the very second we finished our lunch, jojo had her costum change and I pressed the camera shutter, it started pouring !!!!! And we had to wait and wait in car, yet it didn’t look like the weather ‘d get better.

Finally, we only got three photos in [……]

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we got bad weather …… no problem,
wedding of karen and larry


OK, I shared with you the nicest sunset yesterday, I am going to show you the worst weather I ever had on a wedding day.

karen and larry had a very bad weather on their wedding day, but it didn’t stop them enjoying the day as you can see from the photos below.

And believe me, miracle can happen !!!

ceremony: the bethanie chapel reception: Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC) make up artist: gracy of JustGracy decoration: gary.kwok flowers video: one shot production

how bad is the weather? take a look at these two pic below

Nice !!!


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wedding of karen and larry

wedding of christy and edwin


this was a rainy and cold day. It was so cold that no one liked to stay outdoor for a few seconds.

this is my 2nd time to have a wedding at the beautiful Bethanie Chapel. I love this location a lot, not only because of the beautiful architecture, and I love their booking system as well. When you book this venue, you have a 4 hour session, so you don’t need to rush before and after the ceremony.

date: feb 2, 2008 ceremony: Bethanie Chapel reception: Langham Place Hotel

Even though we couldn’t go out because of the bad weather, there ‘re so many beautiful locations inside the chapel. I was trying a new concept, inspired by another wpja award winning photographer Dino Lara


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wedding of winnie and raymond


Be prepared !!!! This set of wedding photos is very different from what you have seen before in my blog.

Winnie and Raymond ‘s wedding was in early 2008. The wedding was very simple, no game, no tea ceremony, they just planned to have a few hours of outdoor shooting before heading to the cotton tree drive marriage registry at 4:00 pm. However, the weather turned out to be very very bad, it was freezing cold and raining outside !!!!!

So what should we do after finishing the make up at 11:00am, we still had a few hours to go before the ceremony. Finally, I suggest  to have a fun photo session inside their apartment and ask them to do whatever they do in their daily lives (but in wedding dress). And we had a blast !!!!!! Winnie had such a cheerful (and a little bit hyperactive) character that the [……]

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Weather is so bad today


The weather is so bad today, we have rain & thunderstorm. I should have an assignment today, but this is the 3rd time we have to cancel the engagement shooting of Roma & Calvin because of bad weather. It is really frustrating !!!

This week is a very busy week, I suppose to complete the retouch of 4 sets of photos and I am working 18 hr a day to finish them all.

Just took a break & browsed through the photos I took on the Sunday one week ago with Xandra at Plover Cove Reservoir. The weather was nice that day and the landscape was interesting … ..

The last time I went to Plover Cove Reservoir was the engagement shooting of Emily & Paul back in last Nov. The view was so different this time and the water became very shallow that we can walk to the [……]

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Wedding of Rizzo & Carry


It was a rainy day for the wedding of Rizzo & Carry, but it didn’t stop them enjoying the day. I had heard that before, "there was no good or bad weather, but we only had different kinds of weather". In fact, I found that the weather yesterday drove me additional creativity …. ….

This was taken outside the Legco, just before the ceremony at the town hall


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Humid, muddy, sweat … …
Hot & sexy – Emily & Andrew


Though the weather was not very nice yesterday, Emily & Andrew sticked with the plan to have the engagement shooting. Having said that, Emily & Andrew are such a sweet couple and the bad weather didn’t stop them enjoying the day.

The 1st time I met them, they both said that they were shy and didn’t know how to pose …. But they lied to me. Not only were they not shy, I found Emily really hot & sexy yesterday.



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Hot & sexy – Emily & Andrew