a photos session inside stone tunnel
– e-session of gigi and victor


love this photos session. Victor brought me to the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence – I have heard this place before, but never got a chance to get there.

I found this is an very interesting place – a lot of stone caves and tunnels, so lots of opportunity to play with the light.

locations: Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, stanley military cemetery, Stanley Market Makeup Artist: penny of faces HK

my fav of the day. you can see the original version (without retouch) at here

gigi, thanks for helping me to get this shot. Love it.


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– e-session of gigi and victor

the craziest and most energetic couple
– charis and tsui-kit


I am back !!!! such a long long time not updating the blog !!!!

charis and tsui-kit, the craziest and most energetic couple ever !!!! Never stopped shouting, running around, doing funny face and climbing (yes, climbing!!!) … … I strongly believe they both suffer from “hyperactive” problem !!!!! The later the day, the more energetic they were, they never felt tired.

The day after the session, Tsui Kit called me and said “Hey Simon, we had so much fun yesterday, let’s have another post-wedding photo session after our wedding in nov (2009)”, even though I knew he ‘s kidding, I talked to myself 『唔好掛!你地太勁啦,我頂你地唔住呀!』

location: Shek O, the Peak, Hong Kong University Student Hall, Central makeup artist: polly of faces

my fav photo of the day, I love taking photo of Charis, she gets beautiful face. And look like one TV actress (OK, you name it !!!) This was [……]

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– charis and tsui-kit

e-session of karen and william


I got a lot of emails like this recently … …

“ Hi Simon, why didn’t you upload our photos onto your blog, is there any problem? Is our photo not good enough?”

I feel so sorry when I see clients so eager to see their photos on my blog. I am in fact very very behind updating the blog in last three months, I dare not to count how many shootings that I didn’t blog.

What keeps me so busy? Other than shooting, most of my time are spent on editing photos & creating albums, and I ‘d like to make sure I can deliver the photos to you within the agreed time frame (8-10 weeks)

there are also a lot of emails like these

“ we are going to visit my family in UK (or xxx) in X’mas, can we have the photos ready before?”

“ Our family [……]

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wedding of irene and alexis (day one)


So busy in last two months … … I tried to update the blog with every wedding and e-sessions I had, but I found it very difficult with the busy schedule … … Other than shooting, I spend most of the time on retouching works and hope to finish the work on time for each client.

Just a few updates:

1) because of the busy schedule, I can’t meet any new client before Dec, I am giving priority to my existing client first

2) Shulin is growing very fast, I even found that she can be looked and behaved a little different if I didn’t see her much after having2-3 days’ shooting. I have already scheduled a photo session with Claudia (playground photography) end of Nov to take photo of Shulin and me. So looking forward to it.

3) there are so many interesting shootings in last few weeks, a [……]

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Attention!! Bride & Groom

I felt very guilty of not updating my blog as frequently as my friends and clients expect. I met penny and her friend Ida last night and they said that they clicked into my blog EVERYDAY and they are very excited to see any of my new works … … I felt very sorry after hearing that.

Since I returned from Bali, I was very busy doing all the retouch work. I supposed to finish retouch of 4 weddings before I went to Bali, but I couldn’t make it, so I need to make sure I can complete them in last two weeks. That’s why I didn’t update the blog at all in last two weeks.

I need to write this blog today as my current price list has already been expired on May 31, and I am revising it. Hopefully, a new price list will be released next week. [……]

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Weather is so bad today


The weather is so bad today, we have rain & thunderstorm. I should have an assignment today, but this is the 3rd time we have to cancel the engagement shooting of Roma & Calvin because of bad weather. It is really frustrating !!!

This week is a very busy week, I suppose to complete the retouch of 4 sets of photos and I am working 18 hr a day to finish them all.

Just took a break & browsed through the photos I took on the Sunday one week ago with Xandra at Plover Cove Reservoir. The weather was nice that day and the landscape was interesting … ..

The last time I went to Plover Cove Reservoir was the engagement shooting of Emily & Paul back in last Nov. The view was so different this time and the water became very shallow that we can walk to the [……]

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A bad start of “Year of Pig”

Thanks for all my friends’ care during the server crash in last few days.

Since the Chinese New Year, I felt really bad.

First, on the first day, my car was out of order (again !!)

On the second day, one of my Synology CS-406 Network storage didn’t work, it holds around 1.2 TB (yes, over 1000 GB) of photos. Don’t worry, all photos didn’t lose and I have regular backup. Finally, I found out the network interface broke down, & I need to send it back to the distributor for repair.

Then, on the third day, the real bad thing happened. My server (web & mail server) crashed. It took me almost 1 week to recover it.

I supposed to finish 3 sets of photo retouch during the holiday and it turned out that I could only finish 1 set. I felt very bad about that.

For all my [……]

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