May 6, 2007

I am in Athens

Just a few photos during my stay in Athens. I took this photo yesterday. The is the famous Parthenon (The Glory of the Acropolis). I took this at a small […]
May 5, 2007

Dancing with Yervant workshop
-what I learned

The workshop finished yesterday and I went to Athens & stayed here for 3 days, just to relax. In last few days, we had over 12 hrs of workshop everyday […]
July 22, 2006

Go to hiking in Yushan
(Jade Mountain 玉山) in Taiwan

  I am going to Yushan tomorrow morning for a hiking holiday. During the holiday, I have limited access to email and mobile. I ‘ll be back on 27 July (Thu). […]
June 17, 2006

My photos in Island Reunion & Mauritius

Early this year, Xandra and I (with two of our friends – Chloe and Olive, together with Ann and Pierre who are living there) went to Island Reunion & Mauritius […]
May 27, 2006

Holiday in Cebu

 I am having a holiday in Cebu, Philippines from 27-31 May. Xandra can spend a lot of time on her favorite — scuba diving. But I am still feeling very […]
January 29, 2006

The 1st day in Mauritius

We arrived at Mauritius around 7:00 pm, the first thing happened to me is “I found my Luggage is TOTALLY BROKEN”
January 29, 2006

About to go to Maritius / Reunion

It has been a long time I plan to creat� a blog for myself, however, it is too busy and it took me some times to understand all the technologies […]