I was challenged by cosette and ben


this was a challenge for me for pre-wedding session of cosette and ben

We didn’t go to University of HK on the day, instead we went to a student hostel in the Chinese University of HK . For the outdoor session, no stanley market, no shek O this time, we choose to go to the Ma On Shan Park. What about the night shoot? When we ‘re on our way to Central, we suddenly changed our plan and went to the Shatin Central park instead (OMG, I have never heard any other wedding photographers taking wedding photos there at night before)

I was worried before going to these three locations as I had never taken any pre-wedding photos there (and I don’t think I ‘d suggest them to my clients). Guess what!!!!! I got lots of new shooting ideas and lots of new photos on that day. What I learned [……]

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you made me cry – part ii


still remember vivian and roger – the couple who made me cry.

many people asked me why I cried ( after shooting hundreds of wedding in last few years), I would say I was really moved by what roger said to his father at the end of the two-days wedding.

I was so close to them and could hear what he say, and that ‘s what really made me cry.

take a look at the following slideshow, not only me, everyone cried … ….

after seeing the sentimental side of the wedding, the day was also full of fun and surprises.

roger prepared a surprise to vivian before the first dance, in roger ‘s introduction video, he said ” Hi everyone, I am roger, 26, I am a teacher …. …. and I don’t know dancing …. …” What surprised everyone was that roger prepared a hip hop [……]

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Wedding of Carol & Ringo


Wedding of Carol & Ringo was on Jan 8, 2007 at Kowloon Shangri-la. I found both Carol & Ringo enjoyed being in front of the camera a lot, we got a lot of good photos at the Peak & Hong Kong Park during the location shooting.

After the ceremony at the Cotton Tree Drive, we had a 1-hour location shooting at the Peak & Hong Kong Park. When we went back to the hotel, I thought it should be very tired of them (It was already close to 3:00pm, we didn’t have lunch yet) . It ‘s very surprising that they ‘re still very energetic and Carol ‘d like me to take a few close up shots for her. This was how we had the following photo.


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Wedding of Barbara & Teddy


Barbara & Teddy ‘s love story is not an easy one. They have been separated once during the 5 years relationship and Barbara have been working oversea for a long time. On Oct 3, they ‘re getting married & having the registry of marry at Kowloon Shangri-La in front of all the guests.  

Portrait before the reception at Kowloon Shangri-La


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What a beautiful wedding!
– Yuka & Steven


Yuka & Steven ‘s wedding was on 23 Aug. I just like this wedding, everyone was so excited and celebrating with them.

Yuka,  her mother & sisters


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– Yuka & Steven

Eve and Jon


Eve and Jon married 1 years ago in London and are now working in New York. They returned to Hong Kong for 2 weeks and had a banquet with their family and relatives at Kowloon Shangri-La yesterday.

Even though they have married over 1 year, their banquet was very touching. Jon gave a surprise to Eve that he sang a song to her on stage. I really enjoy being their wedding photographer.

Eve & Jon are looking at those snapshots taken by Eve ‘s cousin


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