off-camera flash

August 4, 2010

romance in rain, queenie and sidney

A very special day for queenie and sydney. it ‘s also special for simon as well. just the day before the shooting, the weather forecast was bad, thunderstorm was expected. […]
June 1, 2010

the works behind a photo

this is the photo I posted in my previous post of wedding of jo and desmond. This is corridor at the island shangri la. Usually, I ‘ll spend the time […]
March 3, 2010

anniversary session – hazel and derek

a very happy photo session. I did several anniversary sessions every year, and I always love doing it. Why ??? It is not uncommon that most grooms are not interested […]
February 20, 2010

a box of love – part two

remember the story of “a box of  love” of charis and tsui kit?   BTW, I asked you to guess where I took the following photos in Four Seasons. Sorry, I […]
November 28, 2009

wedding of verena and benedict

after verena and benedict ‘s engagement photo session in may, I am so looking forward to their wedding day. Why? Who don’t want to take pictures of a beautiful bride. […]
September 23, 2009

pregnancy session of ruby and simon
the sun in my pocket part two

I didn’t do any pregnancy session before (except for my wife Xandra)  as I am not good at that and my time and schedule doesn’t allow me to spend time […]
September 7, 2009

e-session of joey and stephen

a set of happy and warm photos. I love the idea that they preferred to have the night shoot at home instead of going to those popular places. What a […]
August 29, 2009

the sun in my pocket – part one

I was enjoying the “holiday” in last few weeks and very lazy updating the blog. with only a few photo sessions in august, I had more free time to clean […]
August 10, 2009

happy wedding photos
– cherry and freddy

If I could have happy couple like cherry and freddy in all the weddings I have, then my job would be much easier. Hi Cherry and Freddy, I love you […]
July 11, 2009

“We love you too.”, said simon and canly
e-session of terry and stephen

“I love you, simon”, “I love you, canly”. – the most heard beautiful words during the e-session of terry and stephen. Whenever I get a great photo, always love to […]
July 2, 2009

you made me cry – part ii

many people asked me why I cried ( after shooting hundreds of wedding in last few years), I would say I was really moved by what roger said to his father at the end of the two-days wedding.
May 30, 2009

a photos session inside stone tunnel
– e-session of gigi and victor

love this photos session. Victor brought me to the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence – I have heard this place before, but never got a chance to get there. […]