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November 17, 2006
Love in Shek O -<br>wedding of Ingrid & Jackie 2

Love in Shek O –
wedding of Ingrid & Jackie

There ‘re a lot of fun in this wedding. Everyone was so nice and friendly in front of the camera. Both Ingrid & Jackie lived in Shek O for a […]
November 6, 2006
Wedding of Marky & Alex 4

Wedding of Marky & Alex

I always love taking wedding picture of Christians as I found their weddings are always very gentle & people are very nice. Marky & Alex ‘s wedding was not an […]
October 9, 2006
Wedding of Yan & Ferrari 6

Wedding of Yan & Ferrari

Yesterday I shot the wedding of Yan & Ferrari at the college chapel of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CU). Though the schedule was tight whole day, I found both Yan […]
October 5, 2006
Wedding of Barbara & Teddy 8

Wedding of Barbara & Teddy

Barbara & Teddy ‘s love story is not an easy one. They have been separated once during the 5 years relationship and Barbara have been working oversea for a long time. On […]
October 1, 2006
Wedding of Michelle & Tom 10

Wedding of Michelle & Tom

Since after taking the engagement photos for Michelle & Tom, I was looking forward to their wedding. Their wedding was held on Sept 30 at St. Margaret ‘ Church & […]