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June 16, 2021

日落拍攝景點介紹…下白泥 (2022)

每年夏季都係拍攝日落嘅好日子,除左好多機會見到個『咸蛋黃』,好多時仲會有機會影到『火燒雲』嘅景色 今次為你 介紹 下白泥 呢個 拍攝日落景點 要注意嘅地方
April 6, 2020

【5】個 同小朋友 拍攝 family photo 小貼士

最近都幫好多 family 影 family photo,想同大家分享下點樣同你 d 小朋友可以影 family photo 影得靚d。 點樣可以捕捉到小朋友最開心嘅一面
January 28, 2011

ken.shirley.karl and simon.xandra.shulin.shuyan

It 's really a fun process with two photographers, two families taking photos of each other. We didn't take many photos as we both believe quality is much more important than quantity !!!!
April 25, 2010

a quick update

My assistant canly left a message to me yesterday and reminded me that I haven’t updated the blog for over 1 month. I was really shocked !!!! I know it […]
January 20, 2010

simon is going to be a father of
two daughters next month

Time is fast, it is already Jan 20th of 2010  and this is my 1st post in 2010. Last few weeks – as busy as usual, no need to mention […]
December 25, 2008

merry christmas from shulin.the.angel

Hi everyone, merry X’mas. this is one of the most busiest X’mas I ever have … … with 8 weddings in last two weeks of dec. even though I didn’t […]
May 21, 2008

the simonthephoto family

hello everyone, thanks for your blessings !!!!! !!!! My little baby girl was born on 20 May morning, with a weight of 2.6kg. We ‘re so excited (or nervous) the […]
May 10, 2008

a happy day – xandra and simonthephoto

it ‘s a happy day. On Monday, Xandra and I went back to the Chinese university of HK  (CUHK) at where we first met long long time ago. Thanks Lawrence […]
May 3, 2008

my long vacation — becoming a father

Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that I am going to be a father this month (around end of this month)!!!!! That’s why I am taking a long long […]
September 8, 2006

Rebecca ‘s lovely baby – Byron

To be updated.  
August 16, 2006

A beautiful bride-to-be: Czarina

Czarina is getting married in Dec 2006 at Four Seasons Hotel, this is another referral from a wedding last year (Rebecca & Jeffrey). While a lot of my clients have engagement […]
June 15, 2006

Family photo session… …

I had an interesting assignment this Tue. Joanne and Tony hired me to take some pictures of their son Phillips.