March 19, 2020

【小貼士 】我是如何補捉婚禮的瞬間時刻

成日聽到 d 新娘同我講,婚禮當天d時間過得好快,好似轉眼就過左,好多野都唔記得。所以作為婚禮攝影師,絕對負上重大責任,去記錄低婚禮當天每個藉得記念嘅時刻。 除左要影 d 坊間 嘅所謂『must have shots』,我自已更加喜歡記錄低 一 d 新娘睇唔到嘅野,而又可以 tell the story。
June 27, 2019

wedding for 肺積塵互助會 members – 義工婚禮拍攝

較早前做義工,幫肺積塵互助會,為一班長者拍攝佢地嘅婚禮。 呢班長者好多後生嘅時候,都無機會舉行過一個正式的婚禮,所以見到佢地係婚禮之前已經好興奮,不停互相自拍。
July 22, 2009
how do you get to know simon – michelle and tony 2

how do you get to know simon – michelle and tony

Michelle and Tony didn’t have any plan for pre-wedding photo before their wedding day. The plan didn’t change until they went to the hotel last year for site visit and, so happened my other clients (Karen and William) were playing their pre-wedding photo slideshow in the ballroom. Felt so glad that Michelle and Tony love my photos and get my name finally from Karen and William via the hotel staff.
November 10, 2009
nice couple from shanghai<br> – clara and kevin 4

nice couple from shanghai
– clara and kevin

Let’s talk about oversea pre-wedding photos today. I didn’t do too many oversea photo sessions in last two years. There are several reasons behind. First, looking at my working schedule […]
December 19, 2009
wedding of mimi and ramsy 6

wedding of mimi and ramsy

mimi and ramsy ‘s wedding was on last sat. I was blessed that, I had a beautiful and nice bride on the day, with a very handsome groom, and a super happy bridal party. Though I was not feeling very well, the photos turned out great – and it is definitely one of my fav wedding in dec.
May 3, 2010
I was challenged by cosette and ben 8

I was challenged by cosette and ben

this was a challenge for me for pre-wedding session of cosette and ben We didn't go to University of HK on the day, instead we went to a student hostel in the Chinese University of HK . For the outdoor session, no stanley market, no shek O this time, we choose to go to the Ma On Shan Park. What about the night shoot? When we 're on our way to Central, we suddenly changed our plan and went to the Shatin Central park instead (OMG, I have never heard any other wedding photographers taking wedding photos there at night before)
July 10, 2010
something new learned - elizabeth and kenneth 10

something new learned – elizabeth and kenneth

幫 elizabeth 同 kenneth 影相當日,環境都非常差。在大潭開始時還可以,去到赤柱美利樓,影左一陣就開始落雨,重要果日唔知點解咁鬼多遊客,全部人就迫晒入美利樓避雨。在小小的空間,又咁多人,一時間我都有d慌張,真係唔知點影好。壓力總是自已比自已,因為感覺客人對 Simon 的其望很高,又覺得 simon 乜野地方都影到靚相 (我都希望係)。
July 29, 2010
it is summer of love - mr and miss bunny 12

it is summer of love – mr and miss bunny

it ‘s summer time – a period that wedding photographers love and hate. I feel so happy and relax now that I am going to have a break in next […]
February 23, 2011

top 10 wedding photographers in Hong Kong

I was shocked and surprised when contacted me and told me that I was nominated as one of the top wedding photographer in Hong Kong. Even though the feature is released on today, I still can't believe it. I feel extremely honored to be named with other top photographers as there are so many I still need to learn from them.
February 4, 2009
my dear photo assistant - Canly<br>e-session of susan and wilson 14

my dear photo assistant – Canly
e-session of susan and wilson

I seldom talk about my team members in this blog, but I ‘d like to start to introduce them to you one by one this month. The first member of […]
February 28, 2012

2012 Hong Kong wedding videography award

Dream comes true !!!! Can’t wait to share the good news to all of you !!!!! My video partner Ken Wong just won two grand awards in the first  Hong […]
October 29, 2013


Hi everyone, do yo like to work with Simon in weddings? I am now hiring a full time assistant if you have the following characters and abilities, you ‘re the […]
August 21, 2007
a super nice wedding photographer 18

a super nice wedding photographer

As you all know, August is a low season for wedding in Hong Kong, we have typhoons, rainy and hot weathers, not to mention, the Chinese ghost festival. With the […]
March 10, 2009
vivian and roger, you made me cry 20

vivian and roger, you made me cry

Hi vivian and roger, thanks for all the good memory you gave to me in last two days … … you don’t know how excited i was after the 1st […]
December 1, 2010
awards from ag.wpja 22

awards from ag.wpja

thanks for all your support. the result of 2010 Q3 ag.wpja conest just announced this morning, and I am pleased that I got two awards in the "creative portrait of Bride" category.
May 2, 2011

we are hiring – part time lighting assistant

Hi everyone, do yo like to work with Simon in weddings? I am now hiring a part – time assistant working from May – Sept, 2011 if you have the […]
April 7, 2011

rate adjustment april 2011

With immediate effect, there will be an increase of my rate for wedding day video service. The new rate card was post here. If you have received my formal quotation […]
April 25, 2010
a quick update 24

a quick update

My assistant canly left a message to me yesterday and reminded me that I haven’t updated the blog for over 1 month. I was really shocked !!!! I know it […]
February 12, 2010
shulin 's mui mui 32

shulin ‘s mui mui

Thanks God. Thanks for everyone ‘s blessing. shulin ‘s mui mui was born this morning with a weight of 2.4kg. Xandra ‘s safe though has pain at the wound at […]
February 9, 2010
two more days to go !!! - shulin 's mui mui 36

two more days to go !!! – shulin ‘s mui mui

we are ready for shulin ‘s mui mui. bed. Ready !! formula milk. Ready !! diapers. Ready !! clothing. Ready !! Camera. Ready !! Mama. Ready !!! PaPa. Ready !! […]
January 20, 2010
simon is going to be a father of</br>two daughters next month 38

simon is going to be a father of
two daughters next month

Time is fast, it is already Jan 20th of 2010  and this is my 1st post in 2010. Last few weeks – as busy as usual, no need to mention […]
March 7, 2007
Won in WPJA 2006 Q4 contest 40

Won in WPJA 2006 Q4 contest

I am proud to announce that I have won the 7th place of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) 2006 Q4 contest. The category I have won is "reception". The photo […]
May 21, 2006
Happy Birthday to Xandra !!! 42

Happy Birthday to Xandra !!!

Yesterday is the birthday of Xandra and we spent a day in Ocean Park. This is the 4th birthday since we got married in 2003. Happy Birthday !!!
August 29, 2009
the sun in my pocket – part one 44

the sun in my pocket – part one

I was enjoying the “holiday” in last few weeks and very lazy updating the blog. with only a few photo sessions in august, I had more free time to clean […]