May 27, 2010

sweet sweet wedding of jo and desmond

I still remember the first time I met Jo and Desmond – in a coffee shop in grand hyatt. At the very first second I saw them, I already felt […]
May 11, 2010

wedding of my dear assistant

I really can’t remember when is my last time that I can blog a wedding within 1 week after it. I am still having a huge backlog (I guess , […]
March 24, 2010

something new again – wedding of vivian and vincent

Shooting at the same location every week is a good and bad thing - you get very familiar with the places, but easily get bored at the same time. To avoid getting bored, I 'll try my best to get a few new and creative shots every time, if I can get 2-3 new shots on the day, then I am satisfied, and don't have pressure at all for the rest of the day. 2-3 new shots may sound too less for you, but please remember, we may have over 20 weddings in a month during the peak season, that translates to creating 40-60 new shots in a month, it 's pretty challenging in fact.
February 9, 2010

wedding of valerie and andrew at Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Which church is the most popular among simon ‘s client? I ‘d definitely say the St. Margaret church and the Bethanie Chapel (though Bethanie is not an church officially). I […]
September 21, 2009

day and night – lina and raymond

day and night, how time flies  … …. I have been expecting to be the wedding photographer of lina for a long long time … … In fact, it is […]
August 10, 2009

happy wedding photos
– cherry and freddy

If I could have happy couple like cherry and freddy in all the weddings I have, then my job would be much easier. Hi Cherry and Freddy, I love you […]
July 19, 2009

wedding of karen and wanson

a beautiful wedding - simple but full of touching moments.
June 2, 2009

I love bethanie
– wedding of kaman and kahing

Bethanie – a very popular location for wedding. During peak season, we could go there 3 or 4 times a month. However, I still love this place a lot. 1) […]
April 28, 2009

Protected: wedding of v and k

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
April 22, 2009

wedding of miranda and anthony

back to the university time … … anthony joined a singing contest. The song he sang was “我願意” … … when he was on stage, the one he was thinking of was miranda, even thought they hadn’t started dating yet at that time.So the song was so meaningful to him and he sang this song to miranda again on their wedding day.
April 16, 2009

it ‘s so romantic – wedding of alice and ronald

“I do” … … A moment after the ceremony … … “Alice, I have something to say to you … …”  said Ronald. “But, I don’t know how to say […]
February 20, 2009

we got bad weather …… no problem,
wedding of karen and larry

OK, I shared with you the nicest sunset yesterday, I am going to show you the worst weather I ever had on a wedding day. karen and larry had a […]