a true office love story, ada and kevin

Five years ago, when Ada recruited Kevin for her company, she never though this new colleague would turn out to be the another half of her life. As ada said, she thought office relationship was a joke, never imagined that she would find a life partner in the office.

After 5 years, ada, talent development executive of Ogilvy Public Relation, and kevin, now the agency’s digital strategy manager, married last month at the HKCEC. As kevin said, ada is always a happy, creative and positive person, and it was truly reflected from all the details of their wedding – the bright and vivid color theme, the wedding montage, the colorful candy corner, the funny photo corner (click here to have a look of the photo corner), and last but not least, her hip-hop performance in the banquet, everything was just awesome! !!!!

Our schedule in the afternoon was very flexible, [……]

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back to school – emmy and keith


I was always asked by client what kind of wedding I like the most.

big big wedding ?? six – stars hotel ?? oversea wedding ?? magnificent decoration??

after shooting hundreds of weddings in the last four years, I ‘d say these are not important to me any more. Instead, I just love to see my clients love my works, love my style of wedding photography. Nothing happier than seeing your clients loving you, right?

emmy and keith are definitely one of my favorite couple. Since the 1st meeting with emmy, I already know they are super fans of simon.the.photo, I am so looking forward to their photo session and can’t wait to share their photos on this blog.

So, how super fans they are ?? May be emmy can share it here … … I am too shy to say about it … ..

locations: 保良局李兆忠百周年中學 ,central mua: rainbow [……]

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Protected: amazing !!! what an amazing love story .. wedding of jodie and alvin


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

love at the first sight
-wedding of the fiona and kevin


The story began on a Christmas night … Kevin went to the Christmas ball at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the second he found fiona, he already knew she ‘s the one of his life. The love inside pushed him to make a "first move" — inviting a girl to dance … ….

Did the love story start like this? … … probably not. Fiona didn’t give him a chance, walked away and left the poor Kevin in the dark.

After that night, Kevin couldn’t forget Fiona ‘s face, he got help from his friends in HKU to find the contact of Fiona. And finally, he managed to get Fiona ‘s ICQ no. To his surprise, she was studying Electronic Engineering degree (he graduated from the same department as well), so he kept contacting her and offered to teach her some of the courses.

I didn’t [……]

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-wedding of the fiona and kevin

wedding of yukiko and duncan


I met several clients recently, and they all asked me the same question — "Will you get bored when you have 2-3 weddings every week to shoot". I am a lucky wedding photographer, most of my wedding couples ‘re very nice and they all treated me as friends or guest in their wedding. And most important, on the wedding day, whenever I showed the pic on the camera LCD to them and I saw they loved my photos, I felt very excited and filled with energy.

Date: Oct 14Venue: Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong

Yukiko and Duncan ‘s love story is amazing. During a business trip to Japan, Duncan met Yukiko in a hair salon and he believed she is the one of his life immediately. Since then, Duncan always love to go to Japan to have his hair cut (this is a joke made by his friends)


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wedding of joanna and gordon


I have been looking forward to wedding of Joanna and Gordon for a very very long time. I had shot their engagement photos and Ken helped them to put up a pre-wedding video. It seems that it was a long time since I first met them. Their engagement photos are one of my favorite set !!

We had a blast on their wedding day, everything was perfect.

Their love story is amazing, don’t miss and take a time to read this. I learned one more thing on their wedding day — the reason they choose Hotel Conrad for their reception — it is the place at where the first time Gordon dated Joanna to attend a seminar. Wonderful !!!

date: 23 sept 2007ceremony: St. Margaret ‘s Churchreception: Conrad Hotel

My fav photo of the day. This was taken just after the ceremony. There was a shower and we had to [……]

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Amazing Love story
-wedding of Corinna & Charlie


(I wrote this blog entry in Santorini) Corinna booked me via email and I didn’t met her until a few days before their wedding last week on 26 Apr. Both Corinna & Charlie lived in Australia and I asked them how they got  together.

Thanks Corinna for sharing their love story, it was an amazing one. Back in 3 years ago, Corinna was still living & working in Hong Kong. On one normal day, her colleague (& Corinna ‘s best friend) asked if she could take care one of her relative coming from UK and take him to go sightseeing in Hong Kong for a few days — that ‘s how Corinna met Charlie.

Charlie just stayed in Hong Kong for a very short period. After that, he went to Thailand to learn cooking Thai food, and both of them kept contacting each other, Corinna provided information to him on which part of [……]

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-wedding of Corinna & Charlie

engagement – Joanna & Gordon
-An unbelievable love story


I always love to ask my clients about their love story & how they met each other. The story of Joanna & Gordon is amazing.

They told me me that they met each other when they ‘re studying (or playing) in kinder-garden & both of them can still remember the scene of which they played together. Long story short, they studied in different high school & university aboard & when they came back to HK and met each other again in an alumni gathering , they started a new love story. It is really unbelievable !!!

(Story update on Feb 9) I met them again this week and ask them to reconfirm if the story is true. Not only is the story 100% true, Joanna told me she can still remember Gordon gave her a kiss when they played a game in the kinder-garden … …

Hi Joanna & Gordon, [……]

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-An unbelievable love story