September 14, 2009
the playboy at the peak<br>- bar mitzvah of hugo 2

the playboy at the peak
– bar mitzvah of hugo

I photographed Hugo  ‘s Bar Mitzvah at the Cafe Deco at the peak two weeks ago.  What a great party , and It looked like everyone was having a blast. […]
August 29, 2009
the sun in my pocket – part one 4

the sun in my pocket – part one

I was enjoying the “holiday” in last few weeks and very lazy updating the blog. with only a few photo sessions in august, I had more free time to clean […]
August 12, 2009
Mazal tov – Hugo 6

Mazal tov – Hugo

Mazal tov !!!!! I am going to shoot the bar mitzvah of Hugo end of this month, and had the chance to shoot some portraits of him last Friday. Love […]
August 31, 2008
let 's go to the Hollywood<br>- bar mitzvah of Leo Saadia 8

let ‘s go to the Hollywood
– bar mitzvah of Leo Saadia

I was asked by a lot of other clients that, other than weddings, what other jobs will I take? I ‘d say over 95% of my job are all weddings […]
April 9, 2008
the jeremy resort and casino<br>-bar mitzvah of jeremy 10

the jeremy resort and casino
-bar mitzvah of jeremy

what a great party !!! I always love taking photo of of bar mitzvah party, there is always something new and interesting. This ‘s not an exception for Jeremy ‘s […]
March 17, 2008
it 's bar mitzvah month -- james 12

it ‘s bar mitzvah month — james

This month is a month of Bar Mitzvah for me, I have a total of five bar mitzvah ceremonies and parties to shoot. The first one is James ‘s on […]
January 16, 2008
bar mitzvah of james - part I 14

bar mitzvah of james – part I

Just came back from Shek O. Today I shot the portrait of James,  for his bar mitzvah in March. I shot the bar mitzvah of Robert (James ‘s brother) in […]
October 26, 2006
Bar Mitzvah - Enzo Saadia 16

Bar Mitzvah – Enzo Saadia

the celebration !!
September 20, 2006
Bar Mitzvah - Daniel Metoudi 18

Bar Mitzvah – Daniel Metoudi

Sept 17 is the bar mitzvah celebration of Daniel Metoudi, and I have great pleasure being the photographer of this event. The 13 years old Daniel 
June 16, 2006
When your client loves your work 20

When your client loves your work

I am writing this blog in a café. I met Fiona today to present the finished photos to her. When she browsed through the pictures, she started to cry when […]
May 22, 2006
Barmitzvah - Robert Walton 22

Barmitzvah – Robert Walton

A lot of fun last night !!   I really enjoyed but I was totally exhausted and got a sore throat, luckily, I am free the next few days. As […]