they knew how to smile - winnie and jacky


OK, after having stopped updating the blog for over 1 month, I decided to work hard updating it this week !!!!

Winnie and Jacky – nothing happier than having such a super nice and happy couple in a pre-wedding photo session.

Winnie – a beautiful girl that really knew how to smile in front of the camera. she made my works a lot easier on the day.

Jacky – an awesome guy !!! Enjoyed and very involved on the day.

location: University of Hong Kong, Sunny Bay, Central

love this set of photos as it has a large variety of shots – stunning bridal shot , funny moment, beautiful landscape and cool shots .. …

my fav shot of winnie !!!

the funny moment !!!! Yeah !!!!

beautiful landscape at sunny bay

it is cool, isn’t it?


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something different in central - clara and thomas - day 2


this is the 2nd day of the wedding of clara and thomas. All bridal pickup game, Chinese rituals, and the wedding ceremony were done on day 1, so the 2nd was pretty relaxing. We didn’t start shooting until 11:00 pm, thanks for that, lots of good sleep the night before. We started shooting at Central, thought I have done uncounted no. of shooting here, this is my 1st time to have shooting here on a Sunday morning.

Central on sunday morning is very very different. It ‘s so quiet, not many people and traffic. Though it ‘s almost middle of the day, but we could still find beautiful directional sunlight through the gaps of the buildings.

I had mentioned in my previous blog post that both clara and thomas ‘re very nice couple. Working with them is such a joyful experience. Not only are they nice to us, but they [……]

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wedding of ron and albert


Remember I mentioned before that there is no perfect wedding but surprises.

enjoyed a lot to be the wedding photographer of ron and albert. such a nice and happy couple, no matter what happened … …

Just 5 min before the wedding ceremony to be started, they suddenly found that they left the wedding rings in hotel, and no way they could manage to get it back on time … ….

At that time, I was really worrying myself and thought they ‘re going to be very very upset and might start to blame others. Didn’t dare to say anything but keep silence (BTW, should I keep on shooting photos if they start arguing, look very upset … … wedding photojournalism ??? ) To my surprise, just within 1 min, they smiled again and forgot about it completely, looked like nothing happened. If I don’t tell you this here, you [……]

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anniversary session - hazel and derek


a very happy photo session.

I did several anniversary sessions every year, and I always love doing it. Why ??? It is not uncommon that most grooms are not interested in wedding photos, so if a man love to do another photo session with his wife after wedding, the session usually turns out very very sweet !!!!

look forward to this session for a long long time, as they booked it almost 1 year before their wedding (even though I was not their wedding day photographer), so it was booked almost two years before. Thank hazel and derek for having me as your anniversary photographer, really enjoyed a lot on the day.

locations: home, central, Pak Nai, Gold Coast (night shoot)

both hazel and derek love taking photo and they took their DSLR on the day.


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wedding of clara and thomas - day 1


No matter how much you have planned, there are always surprises on a wedding day. I ‘ve seen lots of bride got upset and ruin the mood and her own wedding.

Recently I got an email from a bride, she said she got upset on the day because of all the hassles – not enough sleep, rushing schedule, the arguing wedding party … … My respond is, from my experience, there is no perfect wedding, no matter how much you have prepared. And that ‘s all these “little surprises” that make your wedding memorable and unique.

I love the wedding of clara and thomas a lot. It ‘s so relaxing on the day, not only they separated the wedding into two days, but they are indeed very relaxing, nice, easy going couple.

Something really terrible happened on the day. They planned to have the wedding ceremony at 3:30 pm. Guess [……]

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box of love - part two


remember the story of “a box of love” of charis and tsui kit?

a touching summary video prepared by ken of Great works!! it may takes 1-2 minutes to buffer before it plays


video=”” width=”450″ height=”310″ description=”charis and kit summary video edit” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” splashimage=”” /]

if you can ‘t watch the video above in IE, you can try the following one

BTW, I asked you to guess where I took the following photos in Four Seasons. Sorry, I almost forgot to give you the answer. Click the following link to SEE !! (will take awhile for buffering)


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a beautiful sunset wedding
– tracey and danny


I did several weddings at the Atrium room of island Shangri-La before, but I was really impressed by the wedding of tracey and danny. Perfect timing of the wedding ceremony with beautiful sunset light.

I didn’t met tracey until a few days before the wedding. Thanks for her trust on me and changed the rundown, the time of the ceremony and the setup of the venue, so that we could have such a beautiful sunset wedding

ceremony and reception: Atrium, Island Shangri-La makeup artist: polly of faces hk video: ken of

beautiful wedding, beautiful light. At the same time, it was a challenge for photography with such a strong directional light

my fav bridal portrait of tracey. love the details of the veil very much


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– tracey and danny

I like this photo session
– clara ‘s portrait


Always love taking photos without pressure. Love to be the portrait photographer of clara. We didn’t have any plan on the day – no specific location, no specific photo or style – just shot whatever I like, and walked around in central. There ‘s so much fun on the day, and sometimes creativity and surprise ‘d follow under this situation.

makeup artist: JustGracy

we started the session at Gracy ‘s new studio. When I saw the steel mat (or plate) on the floor, I believed there ‘s potential of making great photo out of it. Thanks for everyone for working this out, though it ‘was quite awful that everyone lying on the floor at the door. (You can click here to see the behind the scene photo). And thank gracy for sharing your studio with us (but sorry for making a scratch on your newly made makeup table)

after [……]

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– clara ‘s portrait