a very special client meeting, rita and seto

I can still remember the first time I met Rita and Seto back in May 2009. At that time, I didn’t have a studio yet and I usually met my clients in coffee shop. It was a Friday night, it was so crowded everywhere. As we didn’t find a good cafe, so we finally met each other inside karaoke!!!!! yes, meeting a client inside karaoke !!!!!!!

what even worse, my 17″ laptop broken down just before the meeting and the only thing I could bring was a 13″ old laptop. there was not much I could show from this old laptop and you can imagine how embarrassing and unprofessional it was.

some photographer love to do big and grand wedding, some love to do oversea job, … … … for me, nothing better and important than having clients that are totally trust me and love my work.

Rita and Seto, [……]

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god is in nature - noel and bernard

yes, yes, so many of my clients asked me to post this set wedding photos.

As some of you may know (from my facebook fans page), I took the wedding photos of noel last month. It ‘s my pleasure to be the photographer of noel and bernard ‘s wedding.

Noel is definitely one of the person that I really admired for in the wedding industry of hong kong . Not only because of her success in her wedding gown design business, but also her pleasant and nice character as well. the more I talk to her, the more I understand why she is so successful.

OK, back to the photos, as Noel already had her wedding ceremony on another day, so the day was very flexible before the banquet at night. Hers idea was to take some good portraits of bernard and her in the afternoon, somewhere in Central (close [……]

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wedding of connie and vincent


The peak season is ON, can’t imagine that it starts so soon. Thanks for all your support, bookings from September to March are completely FULL now (no more new client can be accepted). I hope that I can keep updating this blog during this peak season, and share more and more great photos with all of you !!!!

As schedule in Sept and Oct is very tight, I ‘ll stop meeting new client during this period and priority will be given to all the existing client. Meeting will be resumed in Nov.

I shot connie and vincent ‘s wedding few weeks ago. The weather was so hot outside and we stayed inside the hotel most of the time. Having said that, peninsula is such a nice hotel that we ‘re never short of beautiful and interesting locations.

These two photos ‘re taken after the finish of the banquet. Really love [……]

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by anticipation or by luck? wedding of winnie and marcus


there is a story behind the following two photos that I ‘d like to share – a story about my photography approach.

It was the wedding of winnie and marcus, around 6:00pm, everyone was taking a rest to prepare for the cocktail. Not many guest at the cocktail area, so I took the time to take some shots of the decoration. After taking a few shots of the (blank) backdrop, I ‘d like to add some elements to it to make it more “alive”. So I set up the camera on tripod and WAIT for something to happen in front of the backdrop. In fact, I was anticipating children running around (it is not uncommon, is it?). After 1-2 min, a waiter walked across and I got the 1st shot below. I love it, better than a blank backdrop and it looked more interesting. After a few min., nothing interesting [……]

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wedding of fiona and christopher


I know, I know, it has been a long time since I wrote on this blog … … I just finished all the shootings in Sept and I ‘ll give your some updates tomorrow of all the great happenings in sept.

Fiona and Chris ‘s wedding was in Aug. Chris was musician – I never have any friend or client as musician before, so it is very interesting to me.

date: 2 Aug, 2008 ceremony: Methodist international church, HK , Union Church reception: four seasons hotel hong kong make up artists: Polly of faces HK

Getting ready before going to church – Chris has a very nice house and there are lots of beautiful locations for photos


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having fun in Central
– wedding of mei-kee and söeren


I love taking photos in Central, I can easily find locations with good color, texture, and light. I had taken numerous pre-wedding sessions in Central, but this was the first time leading over 25 persons.

Both mei-kee and söeren came from Germany, now working in India and chose Hong Kong for their ceremony. It was the first time for most of their friends being in Hong Kong — when mei-kee decided to take some photos in Central in the morning, everyone was excited to follow us and have a walk altogether.

You may think it was very difficult to manage such a large group on the street, instead, they ‘re such a fabulous group that I had so much fun working with them.

date: 27 feb, 2008 ceremony and reception: the peninsula hotel, hong kong

Tips: In other to work with such a big group,

you have [……]

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– wedding of mei-kee and söeren

Protected: learn how to escape from the heat for a photo session in summer
– e-session of christie and ronald


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

wedding of christine and sam


date: 28 dec, 2007 ceremony and reception: Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club makeup artist: Joann of faces HK

my fav of the day. After the ceremony, One shot and I brought Christine and Sam to the swimming pool for a 15 min portrait session. It ‘s just after sunset so we still got some warm light, I love the contrast of warm light on them and the cool blue color of the swimming pool


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