April 7, 2011

rate adjustment april 2011

With immediate effect, there will be an increase of my rate for wedding day video service. The new rate card was post here. If you have received my formal quotation […]
August 11, 2008

We ‘re hiring

(Updated 19 Aug, 2008) Thanks for everyone ‘s interest, the vacancy is filled up already Hi everyone, do yo like to work with Simon in weddings? I am now hiring […]
April 20, 2008

the 200,000th visitor of this blog

Wow !!!! I believe this blog will hit the 200,000th mark tonight !!! When you see this post, please take a look at the counter at the bottom left and […]
June 29, 2007

Attention!! Bride & Groom

I felt very guilty of not updating my blog as frequently as my friends and clients expect. I met penny and her friend Ida last night and they said that […]
February 28, 2007

A bad start of “Year of Pig”

Thanks for all my friends’ care during the server crash in last few days. Since the Chinese New Year, I felt really bad. First, on the first day, my car […]
December 28, 2006

Temporary No email access

As you may know, Internet service in South East Asia was affected by the earthquake at Taiwan two days ago, I am not able to login neither my mail server nor Gmail. […]