wedding of christine and sam


date: 28 dec, 2007 ceremony and reception: Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club makeup artist: Joann of faces HK

my fav of the day. After the ceremony, One shot and I brought Christine and Sam to the swimming pool for a 15 min portrait session. It ‘s just after sunset so we still got some warm light, I love the contrast of warm light on them and the cool blue color of the swimming pool


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wedding of dmwedding


it is always a honor to be invited as the wedding photographer of another wedding photographer and I feel extremely honored as DM is a very talented photographer (he is always one of my recommended photographer on my list).

DM (D = Tak or Duck, M=Mabel) is a special couple, both of them are working in the wedding industry, while dm is a photographer, Mabel is a make up artist, so they have attended a lot of weddings and they ‘d like to have an extraordinary wedding themselves , and they really like to share the joy and happiness with all friends. The wedding party, the dress, the rundown, the invitation, the backdrop, the march – in, the wedding video, all the details ‘re so unique, they planned their wedding for over 10 months and everything was recorded on their 329 wedding blog.

date: 29 Mar, 2008 reception: Aberdeen [……]

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a couple from shanghai
– wedding of isabella and richard


both isabella and richard came from shanghai and had their wedding at Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. Before the wedding day, I only had the chance to meet richard, but I couldn’t meet Isabella until the wedding day.

As a girl from Shanghai, I found Isabella very special compared to other brides here in Hong Kong. Most of the time, she ‘s very quiet and look very elegant on the day, but sometime, she can be very very hot, especially when we had the night shooting in Central

Date: Nov 25, 2007 Ceremony and reception: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Isabella looked perfect in Qi Pao. It ‘s around 2300 in Central.


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– wedding of isabella and richard

wedding of carla and hong


I love this wedding. you can always see laugh, smile anyplace, anytime.

When I first shoot the ROM of Carla and Hong 1 year ago, they ‘re pretty shy in front of the camera.

A few months later, I took the "post wedding photos" for them, much better this time, it took me 30 min before they got loose up.

On Sept 29 this year, they had their banquet at Hotel Nikko Hong Kong. To my surprise, even after one year, they still look like newly wed !!! But this time, they are very sweet and with lots of smile  all the time.

Be careful of the shoe!!!


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wedding of joanna and gordon


I have been looking forward to wedding of Joanna and Gordon for a very very long time. I had shot their engagement photos and Ken helped them to put up a pre-wedding video. It seems that it was a long time since I first met them. Their engagement photos are one of my favorite set !!

We had a blast on their wedding day, everything was perfect.

Their love story is amazing, don’t miss and take a time to read this. I learned one more thing on their wedding day — the reason they choose Hotel Conrad for their reception — it is the place at where the first time Gordon dated Joanna to attend a seminar. Wonderful !!!

date: 23 sept 2007ceremony: St. Margaret ‘s Churchreception: Conrad Hotel

My fav photo of the day. This was taken just after the ceremony. There was a shower and we had to [……]

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wedding of jacqueline & vincent


This was my first time to have two consecutive weddings at four seasons hotel Hong Kong. Jacqueline & Vincent ‘s wedding was on mar 18, just one day after Apple and Po Ming. I wish I had a room there the night before, so that I could have more time to sleep and less time to travel.

Jacqueline & Vincent ‘s wedding surpassed everything I had expected. The weather was perfect, the bride and groom were relaxed, and every guest was excited with them.

wedding shoes. Jacqueline ‘s shoes ‘re perfect for this kind of reflection shot. To prepare this picture, we need to have a clean glass surface (the tea bench was perfect for this case). Then, we need to move the bench next to the windows. Metered the exposure correctly for the shoes and tried to over exposed & washed out the background


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wedding of carol & carl


The wedding of Carol & Carl was on Feb 5 at Conrad Hong Kong

I find myself obsessed with wedding shoes, and I love to capture the shoes in a fashion way. I love Carol ‘s golden shoes, together with the red dress, body movement and the sunlight. it is a perfect shot


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wedding of iris & ming


Iris and Ming were married on Feb 2 at the Langham Place Hotel and the wedding was wonderful! They ‘re so relax in front of the camera, so I knew that I was going to have wonderful shots on their wedding day and I was not disappointed!

wedding shoes. the "double happiness" is a shadow from the windows


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