May 18, 2007
wedding of christina & alan 2

wedding of christina & alan

I absolutely love shooting Christina & Alan ‘s wedding on Feb 11 at the Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC). I love this shot. We did this shot very fast. Here was a […]
April 27, 2007
Wedding of Miki & Pepe 4

Wedding of Miki & Pepe

Feb 24 was the wedding of Miki & Pepe (a referral from Noriko) at Peninsula Hong Kong. While Miki ‘s from Japan and Pepe from Argentina, they are both working in Hong […]
April 24, 2007
Wedding of Vivian & Charles 6

Wedding of Vivian & Charles

Vivian & Charles ‘s wedding was on Feb 1 at Ritz Carlton. What a wonderful wedding & Vivian & Charles ‘re super cool !!!!! The wedding dance. I love Vivian […]
April 10, 2007
A wedding on my birthday -<br>Vivian & Keith 8

A wedding on my birthday –
Vivian & Keith

Vivian & Keith ‘s wedding (a referral from Rebecca) was in Jan at the Repulse Bay Hotel and it was on my birthday !! All their families & wedding party ‘re so nice […]
March 29, 2007
engagement of Sylvia & Jimmy 10

engagement of Sylvia & Jimmy

I am glad to be the photographer of Sylvia & Jimmy. Jimmy is a friend of my wife and I have known him almost 10 years ago. I am so […]
December 4, 2006
Wedding of Elsa & Joseph 12

Wedding of Elsa & Joseph

I loved the wedding of Elsa & Joseph. Joseph ‘s a very gentle husband, he gave a big surprise to Elsa during the banquet. He hide behind and suddenly started […]
November 19, 2006
Wedding in the love of God-<br>Ta & Just 14

Wedding in the love of God-
Ta & Just

Ta & Jus is a special couple. I felt so lovely just by listening to their talking when I was in their limo. They talked liked two lovely children & […]
November 17, 2006
Love in Shek O -<br>wedding of Ingrid & Jackie 16

Love in Shek O –
wedding of Ingrid & Jackie

There ‘re a lot of fun in this wedding. Everyone was so nice and friendly in front of the camera. Both Ingrid & Jackie lived in Shek O for a […]
November 13, 2006
Love at the first sight -<br>wedding of Phyllis & Neil 18

Love at the first sight –
wedding of Phyllis & Neil

I found it was so easy to shoot the wedding of Phyllis & Neil, because Neil loves Phyllis so much. You could feel the love from Neil every single moment. […]
October 9, 2006
Wedding of Yan & Ferrari 20

Wedding of Yan & Ferrari

Yesterday I shot the wedding of Yan & Ferrari at the college chapel of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CU). Though the schedule was tight whole day, I found both Yan […]
October 1, 2006
Wedding of Michelle & Tom 22

Wedding of Michelle & Tom

Since after taking the engagement photos for Michelle & Tom, I was looking forward to their wedding. Their wedding was held on Sept 30 at St. Margaret ‘ Church & […]
September 29, 2006
Wedding of Edwina & Matthew 24

Wedding of Edwina & Matthew

Sept 28 was the wedding of Edwina & Matthew at Jockey Club. I love the details of this wedding — shoes, bouquet, dress, they are all amazing. Especially the bouquet, […]
September 27, 2006
Wedding of Karen & Allen 26

Wedding of Karen & Allen

I had been waiting for the wedding of Karen & Allen since I took the engagement photos for them back in Aug. Karen is a very cheerful girl and has such a beautiful camera face […]
September 11, 2006
A wedding with blessing - Winnie & Henry 28

A wedding with blessing – Winnie & Henry

Thanks God for giving such as nice weather to Winnie & Henry ‘s wedding on last Saturday at The Repulse Bay. When I drove from my home to Repulse Bay, […]
August 31, 2006
Carla & Hong 's wedding at <br>Eden Marriage Registry 31

Carla & Hong ‘s wedding at
Eden Marriage Registry

Carla & Hong had their Register of Marry on Aug 27 at Eden Marriage Registry (New World Center). And I am looking forward to their engagement shooting later this year […]
August 21, 2006
Virginia & Ethan at Eden Marriage Registry (伊甸園婚姻登記處) 33

Virginia & Ethan at Eden Marriage Registry (伊甸園婚姻登記處)

This is my first time to take wedding picture in the Eden Marriage Registry Wanchai (伊甸園婚姻登記處). Eden is very popular since April this year and a nice alternative of the […]
June 19, 2006
Wedding under wonderful weather <br>Helen & Alan at Verandah of Repulse Bay 35

Wedding under wonderful weather
Helen & Alan at Verandah of Repulse Bay

When I woke up this morning, the weather ‘s very bad again (after 4 weeks of raining). But the weather yesterday was so good that it ‘s  perfect for an outdoor wedding […]
May 12, 2006
A  wedding in snow - Amy & Ricky 37

A wedding in snow – Amy & Ricky

Yesterday I shot the wedding of Amy & Ricky at Hotel Sheraton Kowloon. Ricky prepared a big suprise to Amy and all the guests (I didn’t know about that neither). […]