pregnancy session of ruby and simon
the sun in my pocket part two


I didn’t do any pregnancy session before (except for my wife Xandra) as I am not good at that and my time and schedule doesn’t allow me to spend time in this area. But when Ruby asked me to take some photos for her, I don’t have any hesitation and I am really happy to be her photographer. When I started as a freelance wedding photographer back in 2005, ruby was the first few customer whom confirmed booking with me (and we finally had the pre-wedding photo session in 2007) . Since then, we became good friend.

This photo session was done last month and guess what? The new baby will arrive on this coming Friday! God bless Ruby, Simon and their family.

makeup artist: KK Chan

I ‘d like to share some photo techniques I used in this session. Everyone loves to have sunlight in their photo session, but [……]

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the sun in my pocket part two

it ‘s raining again e-session of connie and ah nam


Since I put up the photo shot under rain in the post of e-session of gloria and vico, I got a lot of positive feedbacks from friends and clients. I couldn’t believe I got another chance so soon to shoot in rain again.

It is the e-session of connie and ah nam. Since we started the night shooting in Central, it rained and didn’t seem to stop. Instead of keep on waiting, I discussed with them the idea to shoot under the rain. Thanks for their trust and we could manage to get the following wonderful shots.

locations: HKU, stanley market, military cemetery, central makeup artist: Elaw Wong

Let’s push to the extreme. Ah nam did great !!!!

the rain didn’t stop, let ‘s do some crazy shots !


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how do you get to know simon – michelle and tony


sometimes I am amazed how people get to know me. I don’t have a studio or office, other than those two listings on yahoo and google search engine, I don’t do any print advertisement. I always wonder if I can still do any business if there is no internet … …

Michelle and Tony didn’t have any plan for pre-wedding photo before their wedding day. The plan didn’t change until they went to the hotel last year for site visit and, so happened my other clients (Karen and William) were playing their pre-wedding photo slideshow in the ballroom. Felt so glad that Michelle and Tony love my photos and get my name finally from Karen and William via the hotel staff.

That ‘s how we get to know each other, amazing, isn’t it ??

So, how do you get to know simon. Take some time to answer the poll below. [……]

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wedding of karen and wanson


a beautiful wedding – simple but full of touching moments.

ceremony: St. Margaret ‘s Church

reception: four seasons hotel hong kong

video: tomoko of

on arrival at the church. Karen was still in the limo, with the reflection of the bridesmaids on the window. My fav photo of the day

the whole day summary prepared by tomoko. A brief introduction of tomoko: she joined my team since last year. Prior to joining us, she has been working with NHK for years and with experience producing over hundred documentary films before. I really love her style – documenting a wedding, with lots emotions and details.


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you made me cry – part ii


still remember vivian and roger – the couple who made me cry.

many people asked me why I cried ( after shooting hundreds of wedding in last few years), I would say I was really moved by what roger said to his father at the end of the two-days wedding.

I was so close to them and could hear what he say, and that ‘s what really made me cry.

take a look at the following slideshow, not only me, everyone cried … ….

after seeing the sentimental side of the wedding, the day was also full of fun and surprises.

roger prepared a surprise to vivian before the first dance, in roger ‘s introduction video, he said ” Hi everyone, I am roger, 26, I am a teacher …. …. and I don’t know dancing …. …” What surprised everyone was that roger prepared a hip hop [……]

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how to take good photo in rain
– sneak peek of gloria and vico ‘s e-session


If you come in to read this post because of the post title, I may disappoint you.

I get asked by so many clients if I can take good photos on a rainy day, the answer is yes and no.

I understand a lot of my clients love to see ” blue sky / white cloud / sun set ” in their engagement photos, if you expect these, I ‘d never be able to give you the same feel / style on a rainy day. There is nothing wrong with these expectation from clients, in fact, I find it much easier to take happy photo without the worry of having the dress, make-up, hair or equipments getting wet.

The weather in last three weeks ‘re so unstable that almost all the outdoor sessions ‘re postponed. I shot the session of gloria and vico three weeks ago, it was also a [……]

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– sneak peek of gloria and vico ‘s e-session

I love bethanie
– wedding of kaman and kahing


Bethanie – a very popular location for wedding. During peak season, we could go there 3 or 4 times a month. However, I still love this place a lot.

1) it is really a beautiful place, and has lots of photo opportunity both inside and outdoor

2) compared to to other catholic church, we can have more time and flexibility. Recently, I had a very very bad experience at the Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception – it was a rainy day and it rained so bad after the ceremony. Even thought there is no other wedding or event after my clients ‘ ceremony, we ‘re all forced to go outside …

3) It is not uncommon to have wedding after wedding for other catholic church.

4) If you have time, you can have a very nice cocktail at the studio at the roof (you can take a look [……]

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– wedding of kaman and kahing

What did you do in university
-part two-wedding of yann and alex


Hi Hi, finally got some time to update the blog before the dragon boat festival.

ceremony and reception: Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC) makeup artist: polly of faces hk video: ken of

shot the wedding of yann and alex almost three weeks ago. You already learned in part one that they met each other when yann was in the student society, so they invited a lot of their “So” friend to their wedding. Just after having a group photo taken, they suddenly played, what they called it “dem cheer” – which is usually played in O Camp. Sorry, I think I graduated too long ago and I have never heard this “dem cheer” before But it really looks very interesting

just after the wedding ceremony in the afternoon, we had 30 min free time for a portrait session. However, the weather was so hot outside, we finally decided to [……]

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-part two-wedding of yann and alex