Hong Kong’s Best Wedding Day Photography for Your Big Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. A wedding is a celebration of two people committing to loving each other and spend the rest of their lives together, surrounded by loved ones. It is an occasion that will live on in the hearts and minds of all of those attending. That’s why you need a professional and highly experienced photographer to capture the magic and the memories of your ceremony.

June 6, 2007
wedding of apple & Po Ming 2

wedding of apple & Po Ming

the wedding of Apple & Po Ming was on 17 March at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Apple & Po Ming was such a cheerful couple that I found them […]
May 31, 2007
wedding of carol & carl 4

wedding of carol & carl

The wedding of Carol & Carl was on Feb 5 at Conrad Hong Kong I find myself obsessed with wedding shoes, and I love to capture the shoes in a […]
May 29, 2007
wedding of Tina & Man Po 6

wedding of Tina & Man Po

The wedding of Tina & Man Po was wonderful on last Sunday at InterContinental. They ‘re a perfect couple for every wedding photographer — they ‘re so sweet whole day […]
May 27, 2007
wedding of iris & ming 8

wedding of iris & ming

Iris and Ming were married on Feb 2 at the Langham Place Hotel and the wedding was wonderful! They ‘re so relax in front of the camera, so I knew that I […]
May 18, 2007
wedding of christina & alan 10

wedding of christina & alan

I absolutely love shooting Christina & Alan ‘s wedding on Feb 11 at the Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC). I love this shot. We did this shot very fast. Here was a […]
May 10, 2007
Wedding of Rose & Fergus 12

Wedding of Rose & Fergus

I was so happy to be the wedding photographer for Rose & Fergus. To my surprise, I found out later that Fergus was alumni of my secondary school. The wedding was on […]
May 1, 2007
Amazing Love story<br>-wedding of Corinna & Charlie 14

Amazing Love story
-wedding of Corinna & Charlie

(I wrote this blog entry in Santorini) Corinna booked me via email and I didn’t met her until a few days before their wedding last week on 26 Apr. Both […]
April 30, 2007
wedding of Emily & Jimmy 16

wedding of Emily & Jimmy

When I first met Emily 1 year ago, I already knew her wedding was going to be wonderful and different. Emily is the kind of bride who looks into every […]
April 27, 2007
Wedding of Miki & Pepe 18

Wedding of Miki & Pepe

Feb 24 was the wedding of Miki & Pepe (a referral from Noriko) at Peninsula Hong Kong. While Miki ‘s from Japan and Pepe from Argentina, they are both working in Hong […]
April 24, 2007
Wedding of Vivian & Charles 20

Wedding of Vivian & Charles

Vivian & Charles ‘s wedding was on Feb 1 at Ritz Carlton. What a wonderful wedding & Vivian & Charles ‘re super cool !!!!! The wedding dance. I love Vivian […]
April 20, 2007
The longest proposal -<br>wedding of Aimee & David 22

The longest proposal –
wedding of Aimee & David

Aimee & David ‘s wedding was on 4 Feb at Shatin Baptist Church I love the David ‘s proposal story shared during the banquet. When Davide decided to marry Aimee, […]
April 19, 2007
Wedding of Candy & Vincent at Chinese University 24

Wedding of Candy & Vincent at Chinese University

Candy & Vincent was on the 10th of Feb at the Chapel of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). I love to take photos here as I had my […]
April 10, 2007
A wedding on my birthday -<br>Vivian & Keith 26

A wedding on my birthday –
Vivian & Keith

Vivian & Keith ‘s wedding (a referral from Rebecca) was in Jan at the Repulse Bay Hotel and it was on my birthday !! All their families & wedding party ‘re so nice […]
March 28, 2007
Wedding of Carol & Ringo 28

Wedding of Carol & Ringo

Wedding of Carol & Ringo was on Jan 8, 2007 at Kowloon Shangri-la. I found both Carol & Ringo enjoyed being in front of the camera a lot, we got […]
March 7, 2007
Wedding of Virginia & Kingsley 30

Wedding of Virginia & Kingsley

Virginia & Kingsley ‘s wedding was on Mar 4, 2007 at Langham Place Hotel. Virginia was so pretty whole day. When my assistant (Mr Bean) was preparing the same day […]
March 1, 2007
My first wedding in 2007<br>- Phoebe & Rex 33

My first wedding in 2007
– Phoebe & Rex

I was too lazy updating my blog in 2007 and that ‘s may be why my server crashed lately … …. Sometimes, I felt guilty as some clients called me […]
December 31, 2006
Unfailing Love - Salome & Kaiser 35

Unfailing Love – Salome & Kaiser

I am so happy to have Salome & Kaiser to be my last wedding in 2006. I liked their style so much & everyone was very nice.The wedding was very […]
December 28, 2006
Wedding of Florence & Thomas at Catholic Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception 37

Wedding of Florence & Thomas at Catholic Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception

Since I first met Florence back in April, I was looking forward to her wedding on 27 Dec at Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, I already knew her wedding […]
December 24, 2006
Wedding of Rebecca & Kevin at 道風山 39

Wedding of Rebecca & Kevin at 道風山

Rebecca & Kevin had their wedding at  道風山 on 23 Dec. Rebecca is a very quiet person, but she couldn’t stop crying throughout the whole ceremony. While Kevin is a […]
December 18, 2006

Wedding of Queenie & Gordon

To be updated.
December 18, 2006
A sweet sweet love -<br>Christine & Anthony 41

A sweet sweet love –
Christine & Anthony

This is really sweet. Anthony had secretly made a "楊枝甘露" dessert for Christine and he even taped the whole process into a video. To give Christine a big surprise, the […]
December 15, 2006
Wedding of Rizzo & Carry 43

Wedding of Rizzo & Carry

It was a rainy day for the wedding of Rizzo & Carry, but it didn’t stop them enjoying the day. I had heard that before, "there was no good or […]
December 13, 2006
We 're crazy - Carla & Hong - Post Wedding Photos 46

We ‘re crazy – Carla & Hong – Post Wedding Photos

I had a lot of fun shooting the post wedding photos of Carla & Hong yesterday. When we started at Shing Mum, Carla was a little bit shy & still not […]
December 12, 2006
A wedding with lots of surprises<br>- Katherine & Matthew 48

A wedding with lots of surprises
– Katherine & Matthew

We helped Katherine & Matthew prepared their march – in slideshow for their wedding on Dec 9 & learned that they ‘re together since high schools ( 1988), but their passion didn’t […]
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